We are a Houston area couple whose love of photography led us to turn it into our careers. Corey has been interested in photography it seems like forever. He started playing around with the family’s camera as a young child and has never stopped. He has studied photography professionally and finally decided that this is what he wants to do with his life. Michelle on the other hand didn’t show an interest in photography until she met Corey. She has a very artistic and imaginative mind and studied interior design in school. Her creativity serves the team well when setting up shots.

We are high school sweethearts and married ourselves back in 1998. We adore weddings with all the love and joy they represent. There are few times in life that are as beautiful as a wedding day. We want to help capture those memories and make them last a lifetime.

We can’t claim a specific photography style.  We try to cover it all & capture photojournalism and candid type images as well as traditional & sentimental shots. We will cover your wedding from beginning to end, and give you a variety of images and styles to honor your most precious day.

As much as we love weddings we don’t stop there. We are available to photograph every event imaginable. We also capture many types of portraits like seniors, maternity, &  newborns, you name it and we can do it.

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