Tragedy at the Bowman Household

Imagine being a mother and waking up to a blood curdling scream at 12:30 am. Yes that’s what happened to me last night. I was sound asleep when I hear my 13 year old screaming bloody murder & crying at the top of his lungs for his father…Needless to say my feet hit the floor before I was fully awake.

Well if you follow us on facebook then you might know that we recently had 2 new additions to our home in the form of my son’s 2 pet mice. I had an awesome blog post all planned out on welcoming these critters into our home and all (procrastinator that I am it hadn’t been published yet).

Well that blog post wont happen now. It seems that at 12:30 this morning one of the critters decided to climb her water bottle and make a break for it. You know the grass is greener on the outside of the mouse cage. That being said our dog happened to be there when she jumped out, and doing what dogs do best, she had to protect us from this fearsome creature.

So I spent about an hour consoling my 13 year old son and explaining to him that it wasn’t our dogs fault since she thought she was doing the right thing. Now I get to head to the pet store and pick up another mouse for a playmate of the one that stayed in the cage.

So I’ll end this post with a photo of the cutie pies that my son snapped with his cell phone a few days ago.


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