Choosing a Venue | Houston Wedding Photographer

As wedding photographers Corey & I have worked in many different types of venues. So we have seen the good and the bad. Since we are committed to helping brides out as much as possible I thought I would share a few of the tips I have learned along the way about choosing your venue.

– First, this should go without saying, but know how much room you will need. I know this sounds crazy, but you would be surprised by some of the cramped spaces we have seen. Of course you know the room you will need for your guests, but there are other things to keep in mind regarding space. Are you going to have a sit down dinner or a buffet ? If you have a buffet you will need extra room for the serving tables and lines. Are you going to have a DJ or a band? A DJ takes up way less room than a full band. This will require a little bit of planning before hand, but it will be worth it to know these things before selecting your venue.

– Next, are you set on an outdoor ceremony? If so that’s fine, outdoor ceremonies can be quite beautiful. However be prepared no matter what for bad weather. Make sure to have a backup plan or location. Also if you’re having an outdoor ceremony in the middle of August in Houston, please remember the heat. Are your groomsmen going to be wearing full tuxes? If so be prepared for all of them the be sweating up a storm. Likewise remember that the heat will have an effect on your hair and make up. Do you want your makeup to melt off and your hair to go limp? So maybe if your wedding is during the hottest month of summer you should have you wedding indoors at a venue with tons of windows or outdoor decor.

– Something that the couple might not think much about, but we photographers cringe over is the venues photography rules. Many churches and museums don’t allow flash photography. Which is fine, we can re-stage the key moments immediately after the ceremony for portrait purposes if need be. However if you want to guarantee that the photos come out during the ceremony, you might not want to get married at night in a dark church, by candle light. Make sure that the venue allows flash, or has adequate lighting.  🙂

Of course these are just a few of the tips that I can throw your way, but the most important thing of all is to choose a place that fits your style, and have fun !

The Golf Club at Cinco Ranch

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