We have THE BEST Clients !!!!

If you follow me on Facebook or twitter, then you probably already know that Corey & I were in NYC this last week to photograph the wedding of Kirk & Susie, and while I can’t wait to show you the photos of their wedding that’s a little ways off as we work feverishly to get them all edited and ready to share 🙂

What I do want to say today though is how lucky Corey & I are to do what we do. I really mean that. Seriously, how many people can say that they get to meet awesome people and make new friends doing a job that they love ? And the people we meet is the reason that I love this job so much. We have some of the best clients ever !!! Case in point Susie and Kirk. They left us the sweetest card when we checked out of the hotel on Saturday and I just had to smile. When the desk clerk handed me the card, before I even opened it Corey & I looked at each other smiled and at the same time both said “They’re so sweet” LOL…That’s really how it happened. I guess after being married so long we start to sound like each other 🙂

But anyway I just wanted to share the note they left for us, and say:

Kirk & Susie y’all are just awesome we loved meeting you and we hope you have a GREAT time in Hawaii !!!!

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