We have a winner !!!!

We finally get to announce the winner of our Free Wedding Giveaway 2011. I am so excited for this couple and can’t wait to work with them. It is going to be amazing.

I have to say that this email really touched me. Corey & I both come from single parent homes and I just lost my father a couple of years ago so when we read this couple’s e-mail we knew that it was the perfect couple to win. So instead of me going on & on I am just going to post their e-mail for you.

Here is our story and attached a picture (or 2) of us!
Thanks for your consideration.

Kirk & Susie


We often laugh and say we are like tetris pieces because we fit so well together…  where one has a weakness the other keeps the piece strong and firmly in place.

Kirk and I met over 4 years ago on the first day of business school.  We quickly realized that we had many things in common from goals, experiences, religious upbringing to family values.  Family has always been an important piece to each of our families…

My father left us many years ago, leaving my mother to raise 3 young kids by herself.  She is such a strong and amazing woman to have had the strength and energy to take care of us; she made sure that we got good grades in high school, we attended and graduated from reputable colleges, got good jobs, etc.  It wasn’t easy and we experienced a lot of hardships… my mother couldn’t afford to pay the mortgage by herself and my father barely left any money to take care of the basics.  After the bank foreclosed on our home, we were forced to move into a 2.5 bedroom apartment where we tried to adapt to our new life.  We didn’t live a life of luxury, but my mother was always there for us and she always stressed the important of family and taking care of each other.  To this day, many of our friends remark how unusual it is that we are all so close.

Kirk’s father, Kevin, suddenly passed away, 6 years ago.  Kevin was more than a father to Kirk; he was a mentor and friend that provided advice.  He was also the rock that held the greater family together. After the passing of his father and his mother living alone outside of Orlando, Kirk decided to pursue a job opportunity that would allow him to be close to his mother and visit her every weekend.  Throughout these hard times, Kirk became the rock of the family providing the emotional support and stability that Kevin once held in the family.  I’m so proud of Kirk for the man he is and the amazing father he will someday become.

We are getting married on September 23, 2011 at the Midtown Loft and Terrace.  As we started to think about our budget, we found that we didn’t have much room to hire a nice photographer (among other things for our wedding).  Even though the family of the bride traditionally pays for the wedding, my mother wouldn’t be able to afford to pay for ours and I would never ask that of her.  Instead, we are hoping to cut costs where possible and pay for the wedding ourselves.  I saw this blog and loved the pictures and thought that it would be so wonderful if we could have you capture one of the most important moments of our lives.

We would be excited for you to help record this day where our families come together… where we are no longer just pieces that fit well together, but the crucial pieces that pull both of our families together!

Congratulations Kirk & Susie I can’t wait to be a part of your big day !!

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