Tovah & Uriel / Livingston Wedding Photography

Corey and I had a blast last weekend at the wedding of Tovah and Uriel. Anyone who is near can tell how in love they are with each other. Their wedding was fun and fabulous. It took place in the back yard of Stephanie’s (Tovah’s mom) home, which happens to be just around the corner from Corey and I, on Lake Livingston. The best part about the backyard wedding was that it had a gorgeous view of the lake. And don’t get me started on the sunset, BREATH TAKING !!! Here are just a couple of photos that we were able to capture for them.


Uriel gives Tovah her ring.


The First Kiss


The Bride’s Maids playing Charlie’s Angels

The Groom’s Men got a little Captain Morgan in ’em


The Rings


The first dance


The Happy Couple – aren’t they adorable !!!!!


The funniest thing was Tovah’s sister and her boyfriend caught the bouquet and garter. Her mom was telling her to have the ceremony that night since everything was already set up for one. But aren’t they cute together.


Tovah and Uriel we hope you have a wonderful marriage together, and many happy years !!!!

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